Eligible as a disabled student?

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    M Cairns

    Single person with no children. He has been in reeceipt of ESA since July 2011 (support group) and for some years prior to that he received Income Support (included the disability premium).

    He is hoping to start a full time degree course in the next few weeks.

    I am happy that he has been incapable for work for more than 28 weeks so I now only have to get DWP to confirm that they still consider him incapable of work and he doesn’t get ESA as his student loan exceeds.

    Thats right isn’t it? :tired:

    Thanks for your help


    That’s right. Amendment by SI 2008/1082 to insert Reg 56(2)(ea) will treat him as eligible.


    I have a 24 year old single severely diabled woman, who is currently in receipt of IS and maxmium DLAM/DLAC.

    The DWP have told her she may still be entitled to IS i dont know how though? Notwithstanding The lady is a council Tenant and as applied to go to University and been accepted to stay in the Halls because of her disabilities; she will be unable to travel back and forth. She as applied for the relevant Student Grants/Loans and will be entitled to the Student Diability elements.

    Can we pay her HB on her permanent accommodation while she is away from home under the 52 week rule? or please advise with leg/rule

    Yve Newman

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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