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    I am looking for some advice please. We have a property in our area, which used to be a mansion house, which has been taken over by a chairty. The charity is renting out a maximum of 14 rooms to tenants which are associated with the charity for quite high rents. The tenants are provided with full board but not support or care. They live independantly apart from meals.

    We have referred the claims to the Rent Officer and the determinations are obviously a lot lower than the rents beign charged. However, the Rent Officer is advising us that thatthe Local Reference Rent should not apply to charities. I was under the impression that this was only in cases of supported accommodation but the Rent Officer thinks it is all registered charities. Can anyone confirm if the Rent Officer is correct and point me to the relevant legislation?


    Kevin D

    My initial thought is that the R/O is wrongs. Having had a quick look, there is definitely an exception if the L/L is a registered [u:b0e5605489]Housing Association[/u:b0e5605489] (i.e. registered with the Housing Corporation), but I see no equivalent for charities.

    [b:b0e5605489]HBR 14 & Sch 2[/b:b0e5605489] apply.




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