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    Would people consider that the charge for mobility scooter storage facilities as being eligible or not eligible. Any reasoning for answers most welcome.

    This facility as I understand will also include the ability to charge the scooters.


    A previous discussion is here… 😀



    I agree with Kevin over the fuel costs and communal arears, but I dont agree that Sandys is necessarily authority for a narrow approach to the question of adequate accommodation.

    As I said in another thread:

    Sandys and Littler centred on the provision of counselling and support that was related to the provision of adequate accommodation.

    The Court of Appeal held in Littler that there must be a narrow interpretation because otherwise the exception under sub paragraph 1(f)(i) as it then was would subvert the general rule that counselling and support services were ineligible to be met by HB.

    I dont think Littler detracts from what was held by the Tribunal of Commissioners in R(IS)4/91 or by Mr Commissioner Mesher in CIS/1460/1995. i.e that the personal circumtances of the claimant are relevant factors to be taken into account in determining the adequacy of the accommodation.


    Can a garage be included as eligible for HB when it is provided as part of the accommodation? Yes, it can.

    Isn’t a mobility scooter just another form of transport and therefore treated the same way?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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