End of entitlement ETD’s

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    Now that Pension Credits is up and running!, how are Assessment Officers actually dealing with ETD’s that states that PC has come to an end.

    Information of the actual ETD’s seems to be very limited.

    I guess you are supposed to deal with it as a change of circ’s, but in practice are teams suspending cases, writing out to customers, or still adopting old working practices and cancelling cases and waiting for a reaction?


    I have got the same problem.

    We are starting to get End of Entitlement ETD’s as well. I am considering treating them as change of circumstances.

    If anyone has the deffinitive answer can you let me know.



    [b:d294c394e6] I have reported problems with I.S. terminations to both Pension Credit Project team and Local Authority Support Team at Lytham (RAT HQ), so far without reply.
    From my own experience, I would suggest that you cross check with the RAT system as End Dates and Reasons usually appear, or Diary dialogues may throw more light on things



    I too am experiencing difficulties with ETD’s via the RATS. My problem is that we are getting cases where the guarantee credit has been amended to income support t the weekly rate of £0.00. When I check the RAT the details are the same. I have spoken to the DWP local office and a couple of Pension Service offices about this. The Pension Service were baffled by this, but the local office did shed some light on it.

    The upshot is that I have been told some cases (usually ones where Incap has been included in a previous life) are referred back to the local DWP office to process (I am not sure what for). When processed they will revert back to Pension Credit (guarantee) so I do not need to make any adjustment to the benefit, but I am not looking forward to trying to explain this to the auditors when the documentary evidence shows Pension Credit has ceased and i/s is in payment at the rate of £0.00 per week. These cases have all been amended with a future date (i.e. January 2004) “to give time for them to be processed”.

    It’s all very unclear!!


    Does the above scenario apply to the ETD’s now coming through with April termination dates??

    I have an ETD, received this week, stating Passported Pension Credit will terminate 13.4.04 – no reason is given.

    I have spoken to an officer at our local Pension Service… the Pension Credit will not end in April, there is no explanation as to why the ETD was produced or why it has the termination date as 13.4.04.

    Any suggestions?????


    We have also had these from April 2004 – I am not sure if the previous scenario applies – but I still have not had “official” confirmation that the scenario I gave earlier is “gospel” – but it sounds a reasonable explaination.

    We have had some ETD’s stating GC changes to SC from April 04 – when queried with the Pension Service they do not know why it has been issued. My suggestion at the moment would be to revisit the claim in April by checking the RAT and chase it up then – hoping that in the meantime things sort themselves out! 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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