End of year balancing and QRC4 problems

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    Hi everybody. We are an Academy site and we’ve been having a few difficulties as listed below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We have completed the end of year balancing spreadsheet provided by Capita and have the following discrepancies

    Ct8020 (Actual end of year) to ct6140 ( Transaction totals ) discrepancy of £82.01

    Ct8020 to ct6223 ( Arrears Analysis ) discrepancy of £28,427.17

    Ct6140 to ct6223 discrepancy of £8775.91

    Can anyone offer any advice how we can find what the discrepancies are and how to get rid of them?

    Does anyone produce an end of year Council Tax statement for Accountancy. If so would you be willing to share it ?

    QRC4 – Part 2 Arrears data

    Does anyone have any procedures for completing this using Academy ?

    We have completed the QRC4 but have had to use a balancing figure for Line 17 as this is the only way we could get it to balance to our outstanding arrears at 31/03/07

    Can anyone tell us how to get rid of the errors reported on ct6223a report ?


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