end of TP – anniversary date change or not??

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    dead simple this – like when Chris Tarrant asks “What was Jessica Rabbitt’s Favourite Game” and you’re yelling at the tv while the contestant gets all flumoxed… (it was pattercake, of course!) 🙂

    … well I’m that flumoxed person but about LHA and under 35 changes… :Sp

    Claim made May 2010

    Anniversary date May 2011 – gets TP (or loses top up and gets tp but no money)

    9 months later – in Feb 2012 – TP ends and they drop onto shared accommodation rate.

    2 questions

    1) Do they get the Feb 2012 SAR rate LHA or the May 2011 rate ? (I think its Feb)

    2) New rate paid from Feb 2012 – but does this set new anniversary date?? If it doesn’t (and i think thats what the circular said) then they will drop to SAR and then have another change 3 months later when they reach their anniversary date?

    Sorry if Im being ditzy… Just can’t get head rtound why no new anniversary date when its a change in rm catergory (even though household hasn’t changed)

    Please can someone point me in right direction…


    Cusatomer April 2010


    Have a read of Regulations 12M(4A)(a) + (b)


    OK – Please can you check my workings out against the regs and A12 comments and let me know if I’m wrong.

    TP lasts for 9 months.
    The LHA which applies at end of TP is the one which would have been implemented, had the customer not got TP (Reg 12 M 4a)

    In the case of the new 25-35 rules, the SAR rate which must be applied is the SAR rate for the month TP ends, cos the clmt wouldnt be entitled to an SAR award previously, as the rules only come into force on 1 Jan 2012. (So May 2010 claim, anniversary date May 2011 – TP awarded – TP ends Feb 2012 and Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR) for Feb 2012 applies.)

    Para 17 of A12 appears to confirm – ” they are still transitionally protected for 9 months from June 2011 until March 2012 at which point the shared accommodation rate applicable at that time will apply. Their eligible rent is now £66.(shared accommodation rate as at March 2012)”

    No new anniversary date is set as the clmt hasn’t notified us of a change which requires a new room level to be set so no new anniversary date applies.

    So in my example above, TP ends Feb 2012 and is replaced by Feb 2012 SAR rate, and then claim will get to anniversaey date in May 2012 and be replaced by May 2012 SAR rate (assuming no age/other changes in mean time)

    Does that sound about right??? If not, what am I missing???

    Thank you lovely people.


    Sounds right to me…. don’t you just love benefit simplification?


    wonder if Universal Credit will be this much fun….. :party:

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