ending the year with a corker!

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    Now that I’ve got your attention here goes!

    I’ve been trying to get sense out of JCP and DWP regarding an appeal that I beleived had been made against an IS refusal decision. Started off phoning local office. (sorry only deal with LMA here ring 0845 602 3805)

    So I did (sorry can’t help you ring Worcester Jobcentre and ask for the Benefit Processing no.)

    So I did (Sorry that’s dealt with locally so ring Wolverhampton Jobcentre)

    So I did (Sorry you need the Jobcentre plus enquiry line)

    So I rang them and eventually got an answer (am now holding appeal pending outcome of DWP appeal).

    Has anyone else had this level of misleading advice or has DWp now officially become the Dept of Stealt and Total Obscurity?!!

    Does this constitute a rant? (not up to Kevin D’s I’m afraid!)

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................

    Kevin D

    Final rant of the year.

    Mark, you haven’t appreciated the reality ❓ . The above “streamlining” is in support of efficiency and providing the means to make “choice based decisions”. The choices are:

    1) lucky dip: you *may* just get the number you need first time. As with the lottery, it’s a long shot.

    2) you have the choice to ring the wrong number. Several times if you like.

    3) you have the choice to be pushed from pillar to post. Several times if you like.

    4) you have the right to be obstructed. For any number of (usually pointless) reasons.

    5) you have the choice to have a rant against the DWP – go ahead. Do it. Very loudly. Only snag is that no one is listening anymore.

    Options not available:

    1) One single CORRECT number to an office that knows what you are talking about (due to lack of training / high staff turnover thanks to the cutbacks).

    2) The means to straightforwardly obtain info from the DWP that is relevant to HB/CTB. After all, that would be ridiculous…..

    3) Plain English straight forward lines of communication without the management manual chatter that results in pathetic “mission statements” and lunatic corporate graffiti compiled for no other reason (apparently) than enabling someone to say they are doing something.

    4) Legislation that is promptly amended where there is the ambiguity that leads to so many threads on forums. And it is known that the DWP peruse these boards. So, assuming there is feedback to those on high, there is no excuse for LAs (& even clmts) being put in what are sometimes impossible positions. Unless, that is, you go for the conspiracy theory along the lines of LAs deliberately being hung out to dry. But, that would require a degree of competence that has been rather less than obvious to date.

    5) Abolition of so-called “schemes” that LAs are meant to implement; only to find that there is no legal basis for those “schemes” (2 obvious points of contention: CMS & interventions).

    6) The DWP to actually stop hiding behind the age-old “It’s for LAs to interpret the regs”. Handy that. Maybe I’ll try it: “Kevin, you’ve made a cock up”. “Yeah, but its for someone else to sort it out”. That would go down really well.

    Ok ok. I’ll wrap up. As you can see, Christmas has had a wonderfully cheering effect…. 😈 On that note, Happy New Year all. 😉


    Look on the bright side…..the DWP made an absolute packet on all those phone calls….


    Even brighter I suppose. I didn’t have to (directly) pay for them!!

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................


    Having been through the senario many times of:
    1) Waiting 30 mins to get through to the local JSA office, then being told no we cant deal with you, you have to phone the central processing team.
    2) Phoning the new number given, waiting another 30 mins before getting through to another switchboard.
    3) Explaining to the switchboard who say they will put me through to the processing team.
    4) Waiting another 5 mins to be put through. Eventually getting through to someone to find the switchboard have now put me through to completely the wrong number. Someone that has no access to the system, and for the help they gave me might well have been the cleaner.
    5) Being told no we cant transfer you to the correct number, as this phone is for incoming calls only, and you will need to rephone the switchboard.

    An hour later and I feel that I have got no further than to start with. I now just dont bother phoning the DWP/jobcentre as everytime I am shunted from pillar to post. Even when you get an answer, what you are told often turns out to be wrong.

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