Entering Sheltered Accommodation for trial period

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    I would be grateful for opinions on the following scenario.
    Mr A is single 63 year old who owns his own home – there is a mortgage on the property. He is about to enter a sheltered scheme for a trial period and will be liable for rent whilst resident at the scheme. His income is such that he needs to apply for HB to cover rental costs for the trial period.
    He clearly does not wish to sell his mortgaged propery unless/until he decides he wishes to move permanently into the sheltered scheme.
    Is there provision for him to continue to receive housing costs in respect of the home he owns whilst also receiving HB for the sheltered scheme trial period?
    It does not fit into the two homes rule for HB or for housing costs so mixing the two seems even more unlikely.
    Would he need to relinquish assistance for one or other of the properties for the dual period?
    If he gave up his mortgage housing costs would the value of his home be used in the assessment of any subsequent HB?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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