EPAY and In-Work assessment.

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    DWP have just issued guidance in circular G17 advising that the processing time for an EPAY and the in-work assessment following receipt of an ETD starts on the working day following receipt of the ETD.

    This differed from their guidance and they have acknowledged this and updated their FAQ here http://www.dwp.gov.uk/local-authority-staff/housing-benefit/performance-and-good-practice/faqs/right-time-faqs-change-events/

    The guidance also still states that we should treat these as 2 change events. However, if the notified date and the notified source are the same for multiple changes won’t one of these changes be disregarded by DWP when calculating the RTI as per A13 2009 here http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/a13-2009.pdf or am I missing something?

    If these are to be counted as 2 changes then how will DWP validate these separately if the notified date and source are the same? If they are now only to be counted as 1 change then the notified date for one of the changes will be irrelevant anyway.

    Any thoughts?

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