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    I know ESA does not give a claimant a disability premium.  I know that to get the enhanced disability premium you must be on ESA with the support component or DLA care high.  However, my claimant has ESA(IR) with the work activity, but has a severe disability premium in their ESA award.  They get DLA care middle rate.

    I can find nothing that states that a disability premium can be awarded in those circumstances, nor an enhanced disability premium, but severe disability premium does not get a mention, or am I miss reading something.


    It might be better to think of it the other way round: If you have limited capability for work (which you must do to get ESA) then you *cannot* get DP (even if you otherwise would e.g. because of DLA)

    There’s no such restriction for EDP nor for SDP but you need to meet the normal rules for these ( remembering that people in the support group will get an EDP even if not on DLA care high)

    So in this case, for HB, you should award WRAC and SDP.

    chris harvey

    if they are in receipt of ESA IR they are on a passport benefit, so for HB they do not have an applicable amount/premiums etc, they automatically get maximum HB. Any premiums the DWP have awarded in their ESA award has no effect on the HB calculation.


    Quite right, Chris, passporting will mean that app amount, income and capital aren’t relevant for HB. I should have pointed that out.

    I guess that the award (or otherwise) of a premium could still make a difference the claimant’s LHA or eligibility as a student (and, in some places, to CTR too).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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