ESA and earnings/childcare disregards

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    Can someone please help with the following please?

    I have lone parent who is currently off work sick.  She cannot get SSP from her employer so has claimed ESA (C) and is in assessment phase. She gets DLAC/M and is entitled to the DP within her applicable amount.  She pays childcare

    I am satisfied that we can continue to disregard childcare costs as she is can be treated as in remunerative work for the first 28 weeks of sickness.

    I think I am correct in saying we can award her 16/30 hours premium as her AA includes the Disability Premium and she is treated as 'remunerative work'?

    Am I also right in thinking she doesn't get the standard earnings disregard as there are no earnings – only ESA?

    I'm having a blank moment and any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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