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    When working out the new TA in the applicable amount from April, do we take into acocunt all the premiums and allowances, e.g couple rate, dependent allowances etc when working out the new TA amount or is it just the allowances relevant to IB3/ESA?  Thanks

    Andy Thurman

    You look at the whole thing – even with the small upratings this year, it will wipe out any TP in a lot of cases!

    The TP rules effectively ‘lock’ the pre transition applicable amount in place (the amount itself not how it is established) until their applicable amount on their current circumstances would be higher – however that is achieved.

    Simple enough to administer but hardly fulfils, in my opinion, the DWP message that “no-one who moves across to ESA will be worse off following the conversion decision”! Should add “well, for a short time – as soon as we get to next April or your baby is born, we’ll have subtly cut your benefits”. 😉


    OK, thnaks for reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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