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    Just had an email from CDS on behalf of The Pension Service warning us that the AIF and Savings Credit details will be wrong for any Savings Credit only cases processed after 6/10/03 received via ETD.

    Apparently those cases processed prior to 6/10/03 are not affected.

    If anyone hasn’t got a copy of this email I can send it on to them.

    Wonderful. 3.30 on the Friday before A-Day and we get told this.




    Please can you forward a copy to



    It’s on its way.

    Anyone else email me direct at:


    Has anyone actually had an ETD with the AIF on it yet? (Correct or incorrect!)
    The only ones that we have had just show that the customer is entitled to SC & the amount of entitlement.



    We haven’t either. Also if you use the RAT and input a Nino I can’t see any AIF’s on there either. Ho-hum ….. 😕


    The ETD pension credit decisions we have received prior to 6/10/03 do not show the AIF. Does anyone know how we are supposed to find this figure on the RAT?

    Do we have to ring the pension service for the figure or contact the claimant? If it doesn’t show on the RAT, why not?

    What are we supposed to do with the claims in the meantime? These are live standard claims based on our own assessment of the household’s income. However, we know that because we have received a pension credit decision notice in the last few months the entitlement is wrong. Does anyone know whether there is any guidance from the DWP on this?


    At the moment, we are writing to the clmts for their Pension Service notification letters until the ETD problem is solved.



    We’ve had some ETD prints through this morning. On all of the Savings Credit notifications it shows the SC award and the AIF as the same amount (for example on one the AIF and the SC award were £11.51). The breakdown also doesn’t seem vey comprehensive.

    So far we haven’t managed to find out what the problem is but I live in hope!!


    Jules, are you using version 4 or version 5 of ETD? Perhaps you’ve got the old version.

    Julian Hobson

    The problem is exactly as you have seen. The Sc figure is reporting as both the AIF and SC figure and so we can’t assess.

    I wouldn’t be comfortable in using the award letter as notification of the AIF. I think you sit and wait.

    Don’t forget that when you do get the correct notification the customer won’t lose out because there won’t be any overpayments !

    WHOOPS I forgot the AIF is effective as per reg 68 and so it will go back to be effective 13/10/03 and the savings credit bit won’t be effective until the monday following notification. So there will be loads of overpayments, I wonder what the subsidy rate will be 👿


    You could wait until the next CD from DWP which should contain all the relevant (correct?) info.

    We have just had our first print of ETDs from version 5, but no SC claims.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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