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    Do any other sites insist that HBRO and passported benefit notifications are manually checked by phone or via the CIS / RAT?

    I appreciate that there has always been reliability issues but my understanding is that as long as the LA can justify its decision to pay EPP / HBRO or claim based on PCGC for example, we are ‘covered’

    If it later transpires that the information was incorrect (unless Fraud is involved) the LA is can code the o/p to dwp error.

    we have situation where the client team for the site I currently work for insist that such notifications from the DWP and pension service are manually confirmed by phone or RAT/CIS which in my opinion is duplication and inefficient. This line of procedure runs to extent of suspending all claims when an EPP / HBRO notice is received and not unsuspending until confirmation is received which could be several days! 😥


    This has to be a joke surely? Can any “unreliability” really be as extensive as to justify this approach? As you say, if a notification contains wrong info generated by DWP any OP would be DWP error, or claimant error/fraud if the info originated from the claimant.

    And is there really any point in checking a notif against CIS? The info on CIS is where the info on the notif came from isn’t it?

    Sounds like “verification” taken to new heights of absurdity to me.


    ah behold the voice of sense speaks from above 😆

    if only I could get the message across!

    watch this space 😯

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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