ETD Data Problems post-October 2003

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    Following a recent phone conversation with HSD, a member of Salford L.A.’s I.T. team has been informed of a major problem for Authorities who download/upload ETD onto their Document Imaging systems using either Microsoft Access or Excel as their database.
    This problem, I notice, has now been notified to all L.A.s via an Email from HSD dated 22/8/03 on behalf of EDS.
    It appears that LAs downloading ETD in this way will be unable to obtain full Pension Credit data via their ETD as Access/Excel has a limit on the number of ‘fields’ it can take. The data copied onto floppy disks by Authorities for new PC cases may exceed this limited number of fields, which means that data will be truncated/incomplete!
    My I.T. colleague was given the impression when speaking to HSD that they believed that [b:d699652e37]most [/b:d699652e37]LAs did not obtain their ETD in this way?
    I would be interested to know how any other LAs [b:d699652e37][i:d699652e37]do [/i:d699652e37][/b:d699652e37]obtain their ETD in this way as potentially this could be a nightmare, given that ETD is going to be the chief form of notice for PC decisions.
    I have included a poll with this message and would be interested in any other views.

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