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    Help please, I have an ETD from the Pension Service with the Delay Code set to “N”. Savings credit has been awarded from 01/10/07 and the ETD was received on 14/10/08.

    My understanding is that “P” means Pension Service delay, “C” means claimant caused delay, but I have no knowledge of an “N” code.

    I have tried the Pension Service on a couple of occasions to no avail.

    Not sure how this should be treated for HB/CTB as it will cause overpayment if added from 2007.

    Any ideas greatfully received.
    Helena 😀


    N = No delay

    david kearney

    i always thought it was ‘neither’ which in the absence of evidence to the contrary we take to mean P and apply non-adv changes from monday after notification. Don’t know where we got that from though


    Hi from circ A22/2005

    Change of circumstances delay code
    When an existing claim is subsequently reviewed, the reason for delay code will display as P, C or N.
    P = Departmental
    C = Claimant
    N = No delay

    (was looking for something similar so thought I’d update this thread!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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