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    I am going through the savings credit scan – we hoped to import the details to our DIP system, but DWP have told us that “the scan was not intended for uploading” – so it’s back to paper …

    I have come across similar issues to everyone else I have spoken about regarding this scan, but does anyone know why there are changes from 31.3.05 included in the scan?

    From what I can make out the occupational pensions are being uprated twice in some cases – the second time being March 05. My instinct is to ignore these and just do the April 04 changes.

    What is anyone else doing?


    WE only did the April 04 changes and checked the changes prior to April to make sure we’d done them as we should get notified of the other changes as they occur.


    When we discussed this at The Pension Credit workshop, we were advised that we would not receive a further notification at the time the change occured. This will be your only notification, unless some other change occurs that results in a reassessment.
    We intend to pend these future changes and when they reappear, check that they are still valid on the RAt and then action them.
    That was the position as I was last advised, Im not sure if they have managed to change it so a further notification will come at the time, as I missed the last meeting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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