ETD’s 26/10/2003

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    Julian Hobson

    Has anyone else found that ETD’s for 26/10/2003 contain no info apart from the NINO of the customer ?

    What are you going to do if you have (If you haven’t I would check you ETD’s again)


    Same problem here – I have put them to one side awaiting a flash of inspiration…

    Have you looked at the file for 27th? The latest Dear Manager Letter says that the latest fixes will come through on this file. This is true in some cases, but not many.

    There are still plenty of records with bits of information missing altogether and some with new/odd information eg I have a record that says the claimant has an award of Savings Credit of £0.50. In the other income field it says the partner has Savings Credit of £27.99! I have been on the phone to TPS and they are flummoxed. I am awaiting their return call.

    It’s getting there… very slowly.


    I don’t think it’s getting there at all – I think that it’s a complete disaster! LAST have told me not to worry about the notifications dated 26/10/03 that are all blank, as there was no work done that day. If that’s the case why are there any notifications at all?

    They have also told me to put the files for 27/10/03 and 28/10/03 to one side as they may or may not be wrong! Who will be responsible for any overpayments caused by this???? 🙄

    Julian Hobson

    I’m going to suggest that you email:


    with your question about whether any work was done on those cases quoting some Nino’s and Question what happens about 27th and 28th and let us all know what happens. I’ll raise it as well.

    Julian Hobson

    have just sent this – will keep you posted :

    “Gary/Jo – sorry to bother you both again about ETD/Scan. I don’t know whether you are aware but ETD’s dated 26/10/03 are blank save for NINO’s. I am told by a colleague in another LA that LAST have suggested that they are blank because no work was done that day, if that is the case why was the ETD sent ? LAST also called into question the integrity of ETD’s dated 27 and 28 of October and told my colleague to put them to one side !!!

    The whole scheme relies on the ETD’s and this sort of advice is just not on. I am concerned that had I (and possibly others) not called into question the integrity of the first and second scan, and had accepted what I had been told originally, the errors identified which have prompted the third scan might have been ignored.

    LAST and those responsible must be prepared to accept that LA’s do know what they are talking about and that these issues are serious. Such shoddy explanation and advice just isn’t acceptable.

    Can you bring some pressure to bear and issue some appropriate and timely advice, including how errors should be corrected in relation to the potential for overpayments.”

    Neil Frazer

    LAST tell me that ETD files sent since Monday are “corrupt”. We have had some which contain nothing whatsoever, some which contain the claimant/partner details and the usual formating (field names and so on) but no information about the credits, and some which appear OK (the amounts add up and there are no obvious mistakes). LAST say they are going to send the files again once they have been corrected but there is no indication of when this will be. I recommend anyone who has had this problem contacts LAST to tell them about it otherwise they may get left out when the new stuff is sent.


    There is a serious problem here between LAST and the Pension Credit project team. LAST are advising LA’s on the telephone not to use the ETD’s (PC, IS and JSA) from27/10/03, 28/10/03 and 29/10/03 because the files are corrupt because of something that the Pernsion Credit team have done on a fix.

    I have spoken to Jo Wood at the Pension Credit Project team this morning and she tells me that they are investigating the 26/10/03 which are definately corrupt, but that she knows nothing about the problems with the other dates!

    Back to LAST and they are still saying that it is the PC team that has caused the problem.

    What worries me is that all this is on the telephone – there has been no official info from LAST or the PC team – they seem to be squabbbling between themselves.

    Does anyone know of whom we can can contact to get them to get their act together?

    My advice to LA’s is to bombard LAST and the PC team with requests for info. Anybody out there had any luck?


    I have spoken to LAST this morning who state the output dated 28.10.03 onwards should be correct. I have checked those received today (dated 29.10.03) and there are still problems – especially with PC notifications.

    1. Strange dates of claim & entitlement.
    2. No indication whether they are passport or non-passported.
    3. Savings credit figure missing.

    I have faxed copies to LAST & await their response.

    Julian Hobson

    Received this reply from PS Project, so we will see !


    Thanks for your e-mail bringing the blank ETD problem to our attention. We were first made aware of the issue on Thursday morning when we were informed that the problem was under investigation by our IT suppliers. We have subsequently been informed that the problem may have been caused by a scan that has been run to change the Standard Interest Rate used to calculate Mortgage Interest, but this is still under investigation. A fix has been scheduled for today (3/11).

    I am sorry that you were mis-informed that no work had been carried out on this problem. In fact, as soon as our IT suppliers were aware of it they started their investigations. I agree that such an explanation is not only unacceptable but unprofessional and I can only offer my apologies. I will be discussing the level of information that is given with the people concerned. We rely on the LAs to information of any problems that encountered with the ETD to enable early resolution..

    Once I have received confirmation that the problem has been fixed I will issue a “Dear Benefits Manager” letter advising that the problem has been fixed.

    Wayne Norfolk


    A message broadcast on the RAT on 31/10/03 stated that although the ETD’s of 26/10/03 and 27/10/03 were still being investigated, the ones from 28/10/03 onwards were ok to download.

    I thought at last we were getting somewhere!!!

    However today we have had an email from Ian Golds at LAST stating that there are problems with IS and pension credit decisions from 30/10/03.

    I rang him to find out what is going on. He advised me that all the decisions for IS and PC with the problems highlighted in the email could be wrong. Wonderful! We have used these decisions in good faith!

    This is an absolute shambles – when are LAST and the Pension Credit team going to get there act together? When are they going to communicate with each other? When are they going to issue us with some offical guidance on what to do with cases that may now be wrong?

    To add insult to injury the Housing Direct issued last week was so self congratulatory in what the DWP are classing a successful implemetation – when are thay going to wise up to what’s going on in the real world!

    Darren Tompkins

    With all the problems with ETD’s some of my team had started to check ETD’s a bit more closely and have discovered that a lot of the one’s saying ‘PASSPORT BENEFIT IN PAYMENT’ are incorrect. Based on the AIF and details we previously held the customer should only qualify for Savings Credit. I telephoned LAST and they said there could be a problem with ALL ETD’s received up to this weekend when they load the patch. LAST also advised I ring the Pension Credit Project. I have been on the telephone to the Pension Credit project who looked at some examples I provided and they agreed that it did look like a problem. They are ringing again tomorrow with further news.

    My problems are we have amended dozens of cases to GC based on these ETD’s before spotting the potential problem, and now dare not trust any ETD. How are we supposed to get any work done? Further to this, when we end up correcting these cases how do we explain to the pensioners (and other interested parties) why their benefit keeps changing?[/u]

    david kearney



    We’ve been getting a lot of ETD’s that say Change of Savings Credit but no AIF details and the cases are already on our system as GC as they were on the scan.

    Has anyone else had similar and what are you doing with them? Is it safe to assume they are GC cases?

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