excluded tenancy/not exempt accom but specific vulnerability/elig/excessive rent issue

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    Really appreciate some views on this.

    We have been approached by a HA (reg charity) that have been approached by the County council to secure (buy) accommodation and offer tenancy to some disabled clients.

    They do not fit exempt accom description because care and support is not provided by or arranged by the HA (County council are doing this direct)

    The rents are around £200 per week. Tenants need properties that are adapted for wheelchair access and at least one of which will be blind so specific items for them also.

    They obviously are excluded, but the rents seem exceptionally high…

    As they are not exempt do i have to compare to other properties that may offer the same adapted type of accom, as they do not fit exempt accommodation rules..?

    We dont have any specific shared house properties in our area to compare rents to which doesnt help the matter…..

    Anyone got any views on this please? i have questioned general management charge as in my view some of this is related to “support” as they advise that due to the nature of the clients extra effort needs to be put into ensuring they understand tenancy issues etc…. Though does this mean they become exempt accom?

    Obviously there is a need for these clients to be accommodated (the county council have two clients in mind already) and i dont want to be unreasonable here…

    would anyone else take the view that the rents should be referred as excessive HA costs? How do i compare costs compared to other accom if i dont have any specific properties in the area?

    We have some Cllrs and MP’s involved in this now, as well as housing dept, so its getting farily high profiled.

    They are keen to come in and discuss following my contact with them regarding my concerns re rent charges etc.

    Kevin D

    I think most of the questions are considered in this recent thread (don’t be put off by the title):

    supported accomm, reasonable rent etc

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