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    When a customer’s JSA / IS has ended and they qualify for an EP should we record a COC BVPI for the termination?

    For example notification received of IS ending 6.12.06
    Claim terminated 12.12.06 and EP awarded at the same time

    Should a 12 day COC BVPI be recorded?

    I believe that it should but to process the above on Academy there is a specific “box” to tick on the assesment screen when terminating and awarding an EP which has the result of surpressing any COC stats.

    Any other Academy users experienced this issue?


    From the MIS Guide:

    Change of circumstances

    Change of circumstance means any notice given in writing (where
    that written notice is physically received at the designated office of a
    local authority) by the claimant or another person or body during the
    course of a benefit award (and other than as part of or in the context of
    the making of a new claim) of a change in the claimant’s circumstances
    which affects the:

    • claimant’s right to HB/CTB, eg if they cease to have a liability to pay
    rent or council tax
    • amount of HB/CTB the claimant is entitled to, eg if they have a
    change of earnings
    • claimant’s right to receive payments of HB/CTB, eg a notification of
    rent arrears which justifies direct payment to the landlord


    • this can include any notice of a change given by email, including
    Electronic Transfer of Data (ETD), but does not include information
    received via HBMS.
    • movement from non-standard HB/CTB to standard HB/CTB is a
    change of circumstances
    • change of address within the LA area is a change of circumstances
    • when, as a result of a change of circumstances, the claimant changes
    benefit groups, eg from Non-IS/Non-JSA(IB) to IS/JSA(IB) count the
    change in the benefit group the claimant was in prior to the change

    Do not include changes to HB entitlement resulting from

    • an annual rent increase when the claimant does not have a duty to
    notify the LA, ie annual rent increases for rent rebate cases
    • changes in the amount of Council Tax payable
    • annual upratings to
    o the applicable amounts in HB/CTB
    o the Pension Credit assessed income figure and savings credit
    o other benefits administered by DWP
    • telephone notifications which are not followed up by a written
    • requests for reconsideration/revision
    • appeals
    • information received in connection with a risk-based review, or
    following a diary date prompt, or following a further application to the
    rent officer during an ongoing award
    • The purpose of the change of circumstances PI using 08 and 09 is to
    measure the service being provided by LAs following receipt of a
    written notification which meets the criteria above, and is not
    intended as a work count. Therefore, there will be occasions when
    a written notification is not included in the count

    So that’s a yes, I think (although I don’t get the 12 days).


    Obviously, due to the season, the 12 days of Christmas, Andy? 8)

    I therefore look forward (with anticipation) to receiving my Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge Family LP from the BFI! 😯


    Thanks for the reply …. and yes I should have put 7 day COC stat!!

    Too busy thinking of the up and coming xmas party I think!!


    you should check update 82 from academy

    Extended Payment Stats
    Council Tax extended payment statistics are
    reporting as change of circumstance statistics
    and not extended payment statistics and
    unsuccessful EP’s are not producing any EP
    stats for rent or council tax.

    If the indicator on create assessment is ticked it will produce ep c of circs on statistics rent but a regular c of c on ctx statistic


    We’ve noticed the CTB error on Academy but we have also noticed that by “ticking the box” no HB COC is created at all just an extended payment stat.

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