extended payment mover within the LA

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    claimants JSA(IB) ended 16/08/2010. Extended payment awarded 23/08/2010 to 20/09/2010 based on rent at Address A
    claimant moved on 23/08/2010 to address B where the rent is much lower.
    There is a in work claim pending at address B

    I want to check if the extended payment award continues at the rate paid on Address A
    And the in work claim is calculated from 20/09/2010 based on rent at address B

    If that is correct, the payment at adddress A was being issued to the previous landlord, and covers a period where the liability would have ended, would you pay the period 23/08/2010 to 20/09/2010 to the customer or the new landlord (new landlord is RSL ) PREVIOUS ADDRESS was hostel


    Also same case aboveif there was no council tax liablity at previous address, and the customer completes a new claim for CTB upon moving to the new address where he is liable for Council Tax, the award would be a normal inwork assessment?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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