extended payment period ends on 06/10/08

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    We have a claim where the extended payment period ends on the 06/10/08 we received the inwork claim prior to the end of the EP. Should this be treated as a change of cirs or a new claim.

    Our view is that it will be a LHA claim rather than a RO as the decision to end the claim would have been taken under the old rules?

    Anybody else got any thoughts on this? 🙄 🙄


    Hi Maureen, I had a similar one recently and emailed DWP for some advice… they said this:

    Thanks for the email,
    Regulations are not retrospective. As you are aware the EP Regulations come into effect from 6 October 2008 so the new scheme will affect claims from 6 October onwards.

    If an EP starts under the old EP scheme prior to 6 October it would continue to be treated under the old EP rules, even if this spanned A day – 6 October.

    This scenario is only a temporary situation for the period during October.”

    So if you take their advice it should be LHA.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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