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    We have a claimant who has been on IS for over 26 weeks.We have just received an ETD to say his IS has ceased in june as his income exceeded his requirements.He has also been in receipt of IB topped up by IS, so I assume his IS ended as his IB increased.

    He started work at the end of July and is asking for extended payments. As his IS did not end because he started work, he can not have EP. But, as his IB did not end until he started work and he has had that for over 26 weeks, does that mean he is still entitled to Extended Payments?

    If so, would it be extended payments based on his IB income? ( so we end the IS, recalc on IB, then cancel the claim when the IB ended and then award the extended payments?)


    Would you pay an EP anyhow as IB has not (necessarily) been in receipt of IB for 26 weeks? Was your claimant in receipt of IS as well as, or instead of, IB?

    If this had been the other way round IB – Is and then FTW then the answer would be a straightforward no.

    However, if IB has been in payment all along then I don’t see any problem with the award of an EP as long as all other conditions are satisfied.


    Thanks, as far as we know he has had IB/IS then IS ended when IB increased, then IB stopped as he started work. We need to check with DWP of course, just as soon as we can get through on the phone!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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