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    When an extended payment has ended does the customer need to provide a new form if they wish to continue claiming Benefits.

    Our Welfare Rights department has told us that they do not need to complete a new form as of changes to the regulations in June…

    Have I just completely missed this change?


    We aren’t aware of any change leading to this and are asking for a new a/f after an EP period. 😕
    Perhaps you ought to ask them what reg they are referring to? 😉 8)


    As far as I am aware…..

    EP follows a termination so a new claim will be required. Ergo will need new claim form etc.

    Was submitting message but Jon beat me to it. Changes, what changes?!

    Mind you this is benefits!!

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................

    Kevin D

    I agree with Jon & Mark.

    If the clmt meets the criteria for Extended Payment, s/he will have met the criteria within [b:819277ce97]HBR 77[/b:819277ce97] (or HBR 78 ) which requires that, in such circumstances, HB [u:819277ce97]must[/u:819277ce97] end. There is no discretion.



    As already stated, once a claim has ended, no further benefit can (lawfully) be awarded without a new claim.



    I think the welfare reform green paper contains some proposals to “simplify” the transition from EP to in-work benefit by removing the need for a further claim, but this is a long way from being law.


    Andy is correct.

    Clause 29 of the bill does say that they intend to make the end of an EP a change of circs rather than requiring a new claim.

    This is from the explanatory notes

    [quote:0f6268f77f]Clause 29: Housing and Council Tax Benefit for persons taking up employment; Clause 30: supplemental and; Clause 31: interpretation

    164. Under the current scheme, a claimant’s housing benefit or council tax benefit award is ended when they move off the qualifying benefit and meet the other criteria to enable payment of the extended payment. A fresh claim must be made in order to obtain any in work entitlement to housing benefit and council tax benefit.

    165. These clauses provide for a simpler method of making extended payments and remove the need for those who receive extended payments to submit a fresh claim for any in-work housing benefit or council tax benefit. If a person stays in their original local authority for the extended payment period, then the amount of the extended payment would be the higher of the out of work housing benefit or council tax benefit they were getting or their in work entitlement to housing benefit or council tax benefit. The extended payment would be paid by the original authority, i.e. the authority that the person was living in just before they took up work. So the move to employment (and entitlement to an extended payment) would be treated like a change of circumstances in a continuing award.[/quote:0f6268f77f]

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