Extended Payments and LHA

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    We have a case where and EPP has been awarded.

    The Anniversary Date for the LHA falls part way through the EPP and the Northgate system is picking up the change in the LHA rate and paying the increased anniversary award.

    We have been unable to find anything in the LHA Guidance Manual or anything through any other source.

    Most other changes that take place during the EPP do not effect the award.

    The Northgate system will not let us to manually override the LHA rate.

    Has anyone else come across this scenario? :15:


    I have not looked up any legislation for this but it seems to me that the anniversary date is when it is and it cannot be shifted just because it falls during an EPP.

    As I say, no legislative authority, just what seems “logical” 🙄


    The LHA anniversary date does not directly affect the EP rate: the EP is based on the rate of HB in payment before the claimant started work and it stays that way for the whole four weeks with very few exceptions.

    If there has been a dramatic rise in LHA rates over the course of the year, and if the claimant isn’t earning that much, it is possible that the new LHA rate might push the in-work rate of HB above the initial EP rate. If that is the case, the EP is increased to the in-work HB rate for the remainder of the period; otherwise, the EP does not change.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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