Financial Error ro Not?

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    We have a case which has been selected for Stats 128 check.

    Moved in April 05
    Claimed May 06
    Requested and refused backdating to start of tenancy.

    It’s a private rent case. Would you apply the 13 week no restriction or would you be of the opinion that because the have requested backdating, by definition, they could not afford it?

    We didn’t apply it and it’s marked as a financial error.

    I would welcome other peoples views


    are your dates right? If they are then they’ve been able to afford it for in excess of 12 months already……..


    Yes, the dates are correct. The details given suggest their circs haven’t changed though.


    Obviously guessing here because I don’t have all the facts, but it looks as if the situation was something like this:

    1. Took tenancy intending to pay for rent without help
    2. Did so
    3. Found life hard, but struggled by
    4. Discovered they could have claimed HB all along
    5. Claimed HB and asked for backdating

    If that’s how it was I would say they could afford the rent within the spirit of the Regs and it probably would be fair to give them 13 weeks’ full HB.


    absolutely agree

    especially given that although they applied for HB for the previous period, none was paid


    Thanks for that, it’s sparked some discussion here, so i thought I’d get some other opinion..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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