First Calc date override for Revisions of New claims

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    HEllo all

    Please can I have some advise from other northgate authorities on how you deal with the above for PI/Revision purposes.


    Claim recived 02/05/2011
    Calculated as NIL entitlement (or made ineligible) on 13/05/2011

    On 10/06/2011 we revise the claim,we create a new period as CONT receipt date 02/05/2011 and calculate it as OUTCOME OF APPEAL.

    Shebe will report this revised live claim as a NEW as it is the first contiguous period unless you override the first calc date (in manager) to match the orginal first calc date (in this example 13/05/2011).

    Please can you let me know how you manage this within in your teams do you :

    A – ask team members to flag it to a mgr to override every time they revise a nil or ineligible claim.

    B – Somehow run a report – if so what report do you run?

    C – Give staff the access to override

    D – Something else – if so what please

    E – Nothing

    Many thanks



    Why isn’t it NEW? It’s still the first award on the claim.



    A and B, though we just pick up the file from Scan plus and look at New claims over a pre determined level. Obviously this would not pick all revisions up, but we probably get the majority and certainly all the ones which would really have an effect on the performance figures

    chris harvey

    A and B too. We ask staff to send an email to our stats person if they spot things like this. We also use the SHBE report to look at high values and check them.
    The stats count the time to the first decision on a claim, not the first award, so the later decision is a revision of the earlier nil decision.


    Well fortunately we are in a good position where we are hitting a lot of new claims early (and therefore in some isntances making them ineligible/stats NQ, but because of the example above , our figures are not reflecting these quick hits.

    Hense why we are only really realising the problem now.

    We have decided to create a calculation code ” New Claim revised. ” and hope to run a report with all claims with this calculation reason and override the date before the figures go off. This way we should capture the majority.

    Thank you for your input folks


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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