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    Would an ETD alone with no associated CMS or written statment of intention count as an intention to claim benefit in itself?

    example –

    BDSS rec’d 1.10.06 stating customer receiving income support
    No associated documents or CMS / hctb1

    Application form sent out to the customer on the 17.10.06

    Received by the LA 3.11.06

    I would say start date can only be 6.11.06 – Monday following receipt of the form?

    Ozzies Mate

    What is date of claim for IS?

    As I believe it to be if the passport benefit is awarded and an HB/CTB claim is rec’d by the LA or DWP within one month of PB claim then the first day of entitlement to HB is the first day of entitlement to PB


    Have a look at paragraph 36 of Circular HB/CTB (93)41.

    It’s pretty old, but as far as I know it still reflects the DWP’s position.

    You can find a copy [url=][u:4e44d494c2]here![/u:4e44d494c2][/url]


    In my opinion you need to establish whether the customer claimed IS through the CMS route or or clerically.

    If you find out they claimed through CMS and that they expressed an intention to claim HB/CTB at that time (receipt of ETD suggests this to be the case) then it seems likely that it’s JC+ fault that you didn’t get a LAID and you should use the Date of Contact as the claim date. So long as the customer returned your form within a month of you sending it which in this case he/she did.

    I asked the Adelphi for some clarificartion along these lines and was told that the date of first contact is the date the customer makes the call to CMS (an intention to claim) and that the HB/CTB claim is actually made when the customer goes into JC+ for their work focused interview. They submit a claim statement at that interview which is effectively the claim (within the regs) and then we get the LAID form which actually isn’t a claim form (within the regs). It doesn’t matter how long it takes us to get the LAID, the month to make a claim is from the Date of First Contact to the interview date.

    If they claimed at a JC+ office and were issued with an HCTB1 and failed to return it within the month then they don’t get the benefit of the date of first contact.

    That’s what we do anyway.

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