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    Hi there,

    we have a customer who has had to move out of her former home to get away from her abusive Husband. She has rented a place which we are currently paying HB on. However, we have disregarded her share of the capital value of the former home for 26weeks, since they separated, but now I'm struggling to find a way to disregard it further. She has said they are not selling the house as it's to be passed to her son in the future (he lives in the former home but is over 18). House is probably worth around £55K and outstanding mortgage/arrears total only £6K.

    I think we have no option but to have the house valued and count her share as capital. I don't think we can apply any of the other disregards – can anyone think of anything I may have missed?


    Gillian. 🙂


    No….but remember her share may be worth a lot less than £27,500 because the test is what a willing buyer would pay / the market price and without full possession that is going to be much less than the usual price.


    Ok thanks very much Peter 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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