Former Non Dep now tenant after a gap

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    I have a claim where father and three non deps (lets call them A,B and C) lived in a house which the father owned. Father “sold” the house to non dep A, and moves out to another address with non deps B and C, leaving A at the original address.

    A then sells the house to B, B moves in and A moves out.

    Due to alleged renovation work, father and non dep C move back into original address with B. After several months B decides he cannot afford to live at this address, moves out and creates a tenancy with C only.

    This leaves C (now tenant) and father in property. C used to be fathers non dep at that address. Because they moved out at some point does reg 9(1)(g) still apply?

    Its the word “continue” that is throwing me. Im thinking of the previous owner reg where the continue to reside still applies even after they have vacated and returned.

    I know there is also a big issue about the tenanct, my 2nd line of “attack” is that it is a contrived tenancy anyway. But am I wastig my time trying to use 9(1)(g) as well?

    (I think I need a lie down)

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