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    We have a case where a customer has sold their property due to threat of re-possession. The sale resulted in him recouping £40,000 in equity from his home.

    He then formed a trust agreement with the buyers of the property whereby he re-invested his £40,000 for a 40% equity state in the house and then remained living in the property paying rent to the new owners. He then makes a HB claim in respect of the monthly rent.

    We believe that the £40,000 shoulod be disregarded under schedule 6.

    However we are considering reg 9. In respect of part h we are looking into if any other options where available to him before selling the home and in respect of part e we consider that the agreement was not done to take advantage of the scheme.

    Are there any other considerations to take into account or, part h withstanding, would you pay the claim?


    John Boxall

    Again this looks like a case where you need the full legal paperwork to establish exactly what is your claimants interest in the house.

    I would be particularly interested in what The Land Registry says about his interest in the property.

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    I think you would have to consider a range of reg 9 options here. Firstly, is his situation analogus to being an owner? Secondly, who is entitled to charge rent and to whom? In effect as a part owner of the shares is he charging himself rent? Part-ownership scheme?

    I must admit that on the face of it I am doubtful if I would ever pay such a claim. There are a lot of hurdles a claimant would have to cross here. A case to get your teeth into.

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