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    Julian Hobson

    there is absolutely no disconnect whatsoever between this and the welfare reform debate !!!!

    Julian Hobson

    just search “foster” in this to see the debate and response.

    surely the two policies are completely at odds.


    There’s nothing like joined up government, is there? And this is certainly nothing like joined up government! Do ministers have any idea what each other are proposing or doing?


    Looking at the draft regs it appears that the room restriction won’t apply for families in social housing where there is a foster child (i.e. you count the foster child as member of the family), but they do under LHA. Perhaps people in the private sector aren’t considered suitable to be foster parents???

    Julian Hobson

    that isn’t how I read it Chris. The LHA conditions are used to determine the number of bedrooms and then the deductions are applied accordingly. Part 3 of Schedule 3.


    Read this then:

    Restriction of amount of housing costs element
    —(1) The amount of the housing costs element resulting from any determination under regulation 14 may be restricted under paragraph (2) or (3).
    Where the Secretary of State considers that the amount determined in respect of a claimant’s liability to make category A, C or D payments is greater than it is reasonable to meet by way of the housing costs element, the Secretary of State may determine that the amount is to be restricted to such amount as the Secretary of State considers is appropriate in the claimant’s case.
    If any of the conditions specified in paragraphs (4) to (6) are met, the amount determined in respect of a claimant’s liability to make category B payments is to be restricted to the amount which the claimant or (in the case of a joint claim) the joint claimants would need to obtain suitable alternative accommodation (but this is subject to regulation 18).
    The first condition is that the accommodation, excluding any part which is let, is larger than is required by—
    the claimant or (in the case of a joint claim) the joint claimants,
    family members, and
    any foster children,
    having regard, in particular, to suitable alternative accommodation occupied by a household of the same size.

    Julian Hobson

    17(4)(c) only applies to Category B payments (not rent !) by virtue of 17(3). Thats how I read it anyway.


    Oh, I see. You can only foster if you’re a home owner then. :~

    These Regulations are a mess of spaghetti quite honestly. Reading them afresh reminds me how much DWP staff will have to take on when dealing with tenants – from a standing start. I know it’s been said many times but have they any experience of dealing with, say, contrivance? Really?

    Julian Hobson

    that’s correct – build an extra bedroom for a foster child and claim housing costs on the loan. Rent a bigger house, no extra housing costs.

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