Fraud and Error – where is it going to come from?

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    How are we going to find all the fraud and error this year? Previously, many referrals came from re-applications (working and pensioner age) but we have reduced “reviews” by some 60% so we have some making up to do.

    My main reason for this question is that if fraud and error reduce will we have to “review” more next year?


    In my opinion, we will be targeting any checks on people more likely to have significant changes, this will likely exclude pensioners generally. Whatever way we choose to use be it postal review form, telephone checks or Vf type visits will result in plenty of work and subsequent referrals.
    It will be in our interests to go after those with more potential “big” changes, I believe that in past years La’s have spent too much energy on administering claims that only ever have relatively minor changes; the cost of administering these claims has far outweighed the small changes that need processing from a full review.
    We can now work on the claims that we have long suspected to be “irregular” but had not had time to pursue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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