Free money for you (pensioners and CTAX)

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    Well maybe…

    We have had queries following a newsletter delivered to some of our tenants in retirement accommodation as it states:

    [u:6f42575f7c]Council Tax Benefit[/u:6f42575f7c]
    People over 70 years of age – additional £100
    If you qualify for PC and/or IS – No charge

    I was just wondering if I had missed something (perhaps in the budget) more to do with the additional £100 than the no charge for PC claimants.


    P.S. Sorry to anyone who thought it was me giving away free money and not Pensioners who may be able to receive it 😆


    Pensioners over 70 received a one-off payment of £100 a few years ago which was described by many as a payment towards Council Tax (although perhaps a more apt description was that it was a cynical attempt to win votes following criticism from pensioner groups about spiralling Council Tax bills).

    It was paid with the Winter Fuel Allowance.


    However, as far as I know this is not being repeated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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