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    Is there any particular way a local CTS scheme has to be presented to Councillors to be voted upon or is it up to us? would anyone mind sharing how you will be presenting this so I can take some examples back to my Director?


    Thanks, Dawn.



    Our FC will receive a full copy of our CTS rules for 2013/14 (130 odd pages and an EIA)prior to the meeting (approx 2 weeks before). The rules will include a para to allow the S151 offer to amend the policy at any time to reflect new prescribed (not discretionary) requirements.

    Note sure members HAVE to have this but ‘belt and braces’ approach. They will not have a report as such as this has been provided to Corporate Scrutiny and our Executive and been debated / considered in the meetings. In effect FC will simply receive the two docs mentioned above and be given a recommendation to approve the scheme as set out in the policy / rules document.

    Hope this helps.


    Similar to Paul save (1)Whilst the full rules will be available these are treated as the means by which the scheme is given effect and (2) Authority is delegated to the CFO in consultation with the portfolio lead to make minor and consequential changes. We are still loking at whether to go for our share of the extra grant which will mean a change to the scheme as it stands. This has been put forward as a transitional period delaying the full implementation of the scheme with authority to make a decision similarly delegated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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