full time or part time student?

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    We have a case were we have a 23 year old student who is in further education.

    The student is only in receipt of an assembly learning grant, which he has applied for as a Full Time student. The course provider has also confirmed that it is a Full Time Course.

    However for benefit purposes the college has also confirmed that although the course is full time, he is only particiating in 15 Hours study per week.

    He is not entitled to any further support from student support as it is only a further education course.

    Therefore should he be treated as a Full or Part Time student?


    To be a full time course of further education the student must be required to do 16 or more hours “guided learning” per week although that doesn’t necessarily mean 16 hours spent in the classroom.

    He should have a learning agreement from the college and that will say the hours. If you have already seen that and it definitely says 15 hours then he is only part time for HB purposes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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