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    liz k

    A scheme is being proposed where a HA will set up a furnished tenancy;

    The scheme as outlined works as follows-

    -The tenancy agreement states that the furniture never becomes the property of the tenants.
    -The tenant gets to choose the furniture they want from a shop that has an arrangement with the LL. Each item of furniture has an applicable weekly service charge.
    -The service charge is then levied on the tenant for a period of four years – after which it will not be charged to the tenant even if they continue to live in the property and use the furniture.
    -Any repairs to the furniture are the responsibility of the tenant.

    Our opinion is that HB will not pay the furniture charge – HA has responded stating that the scheme is in operation in other authorities.

    Please can anybody advise if they are aware of similar schemes and if so they are / aren’t paying the furniture charges and reasoning for their decisions?

    Any other comments/ opinions would be appreciated.


    I think that this charge must be covered by HB.

    The tenant is paying extra because it’s a furnished tenancy. If in private rented sector, a landlord furnished a property before he let it, he would expect a higher rent. The RO in making his valuation would take into account whether a property is furnished or not; there will be a higher claim related rent for a furnished property.

    I can’t see any essential difference between above & scenario you describe, so provided it’s a reasonable charge, it must be covered by HB

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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