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    I was just wondering how other authorities treat gaps in claimant’s IS/ JSA/ ESA etc.

    In our office when we get notified that someone’s JSA etc. has ended we suspend their HB/CTB claim, but if we then get notified it has re-started from a later date we remove the suspension and send a ‘gap in benefit’ letter asking the claimant for proof of their income during the gap in the passported benefit.

    From a stats point of view, how would you work out the processing time?

    Does the time taken to process start when we first get informed of the end of the JSA etc.? Does it start when we get notified it has re-commenced and there is a gap? If the claimant doesn’t respond to our letters and we adverse the period of the gap (ie a closed period supersession), does the processing time start at the end of the time limit given in our letters?

    What do you guys do?


    If you let me have your email address I will send you our procedure




    We’re having a discussion here about whether this is 2 change events with 2 different notified dates or just 1.

    So: ETD recd indicating a gap in JSA. We write to clmt asking for details for the gap. They respond and we reasses the change in income for the gap and then back to JSA after the gap. Is this 2 change events or 1?
    Is there 1 notified date for the whole process, i.e. the date we were originally advised there was a JSA gap, or is the 2nd change event the change in income for the gap with a notified date as the date the clmt provided their income for the gap? I can see both could be true but the DWP FAQ on this precise subject seems contradictory –

    [i:b1eca22894]”Q. When we are advised that a customer has had a gap in IS/JSA should we make a superseding decision to end the award from the start of that period and ask the customer to re-apply?
    A. No, you should allow the customer one calendar month to establish any entitlement during that period and make any changes retrospectively. If you then determine that the customer was not entitled to HB during that period then you would need to make a decision to terminate the claim. A new claim would then be needed. However, a shortened claim form would be acceptable in this circumstance.
    If you establish that there was an ongoing entitlement but that the amount of benefit payable was affected, the reduction in entitlement during that period and the return to the original entitlement would be treated as two change events.
    If you are dealing with all these changes retrospectively it is possible to make one superseding decision providing you hold all the necessary information to correctly calculate benefit entitlement for the past and ongoing claim”[/i:b1eca22894]

    Thanks for your time.

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