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    In April 2010, a customer made a claim for HB/CTB and requested backdating to 26 October 2009. His request was refused based on the fact it was considered he had not established continuous good cause. In his appeal, there is a period within the September – April period that he states he was ill and that illness made him unable to make his claim. (2/11/2009 – 13/12/2009).

    Am I right in thinking that even if he had medical evidence to support his claim for backdating for that particular period, as he had not established good cause for either side of the dates of illness, that he could not have backdating for that specific period because his good cause is not continuous for the period he wants backdating for?? I know it is simple question but am going round in circles!! Thanks Therese

    Kevin D

    I agree with your analysis. Good cause must be continuous [u:f34f51fd59]right up to the date of the claim for backdating[/u:f34f51fd59].


    Thanks Kevin. Therese

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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