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    Just a plea for help really!

    Has anyone got a GCSX connenction who operates mobile working.

    We have had a query on our Coco around this issue. Currently we have a number of officers who go out any carry out a full assessment in peoples homes. They do not access CIS while they are out of the office.

    The problem we have is that Gov Connect are not happy that they use the tablet PC’s that they use when out as their desktop PC while they are in the office. I am assuming that this is because they do not want to have the possibility of CIS access while staff are out of the office.

    ICT are suggesting that they have to access another PC to access CIS while in the office and I was just wondering if anyone had come across a similar situation and found a work round we would be very pleased to here.


    I’m not a techi but as far as I understand it the issue is that mobile working solutions (i.e. wireless) are not secure. It is not a question of your staff accessing CIS, it’s the possibility of other people piggybacking in on the connection and then hacking about, potentially accessing sensitive data. We are withdrawing our tablets but ordering some new ones which can be encrypted and should be acceptable. There is also an issue with homeworking and it looks at the moment that we will not be CoCo compliant if staff use their own equipment (for the same reasons)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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