Guaranteed Credit and capital limit

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    Could someone help me on this one please?

    I have a claim where the claimant is in receipt of Pension Credit (Guaranteed), but also has capital in excess of £32,000.

    I didn’t think they could claim in these circumstances. I know for Savings Credit purposes the capital has normally been verified, and so it is still possible for someone to have excesive capital, and still be receiving Savings Credit, and so it is ignored for benefit purposes.

    Or Have I got the 2 mixed up?


    There is no capital limit for PGC, so it is therefore possible to have lots and lots of stashed cash and have it assessed on a tariff basis and still get HB / CTB because PGC is a passported Benefit, and we ignore capital and income when assessing for HB / CTB.
    Anyone getting PSC should have less than £16,000 to claim HB and CTB. If an AIF has been supplied which you consider has not assessed the capital properly then it would be quite proper to suspend and ask the DWP to look at their assessment again.
    But if the capital increases after PSC has been assessed and goes over £16,000, then you would be correct to suspend, ask for evidence of capital, and terminate Benefit should this be above £16k 8)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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