Guaranteed Credit End Date

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    We conducted a RAT check earlier this year establishing that GC ended in October 2004. We haven’t received notification from the DWP of this yet although I understand that an ETD was sent at the time!! I understand there is no overpayment with the Pension Service as they amended the relevant change in circumstance in October 2004.

    Looking at the regs do we still pay this based on GC until we get confirmation from the DWP and amend the claim from the following Monday.

    Or do I get confirmation of the date we should have been notified by the DWP and terminate from the following Monday we should have received the notification??


    I think you accept that your RAT check was the date that you received notification from TPS, and amend from the Mon following that.



    We have a case CTB only case where pensioners have had their pension Guarantee Credit withdrawn from the 4 July 2011 back to March 2009 as they have just discovered that the claimants failed to declare 2 pensions. They are recovering the overpayment of Guaranteed Credit.

    The rules state that you do not normally go back with the CTB decison when GC ends but do we in this instance as it was a fail to declare rather than a change and the fact that Pension Service are recovering the GC overpayment.



    whoops posted on wrong account.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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