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    I cant come to an easy decision with this- its a case that doesnt appear to be catered for by the Regs. The mother was single and only 29 years old when she passed away. There are 3 children, one of which is disabled.

    The grandmother (Claimants mother) has temporarily left her B&D property, for which she is claiming absence from home – she is applying for guardianship but until the hearing in late June wont know if she will be awarded it. If she doesnt get custody obviously she will be returning home.

    The Grandmother moved in to care for the children in Feb 09. The problem is how to deal with an HB claim for the Havering address between Feb and June when a decision is made one way or another?

    To treat the grandmother as being liable for rent in Havering only, would be the easiest solution, but as she is claiming absence from home in B&D this situation doesnt fit the regs- and two homes max 4 weeks payment would not help much.

    The tenancy will actually be in the eldest childs name – if Grandmother get’s guardianship she will be given an Equitable tenancy until the 10 year old reaches 18 – but I have never heard of having a 10 year child as the applicant?

    Does anyone have any advice on how HB could be paid please?

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