HALS properties and RO referals

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    We are a London borough with quite a few Housing Association leasing Scheme properties, and we are finding that the rents charged on them are sometimes very high.
    We know that we can refer them to the rent officer when we deem the rent ‘unreasonably high’, however, there is no guidance on what would constitute a reasonable rent, except perhaps the IRLs. (These tend to exceed the IRLs).

    I was hoping for comments from anyone that has established some formula or proceduaral guidance on this. – How to come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement without costing the public purse an excessive amount?


    This borough has set “trigger” rents for the different sizes. On top of that a further 10% is payable over and above if the circs are exceptional (RSL HAL’s would normaly count). The levels are set with reference to the market rent info and exprience of senior staff. This includes study of the various property web-sites. The amounts are fairly generous it must be said.

    RSL’s in the borough are aware of the levels and do not exceed them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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