HB & CTR award of IS, JSA, ESA or PCG (relevant benefit rules) doesnt work on Academy

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    Hello all Academy Users

    Just a heads up really, about the limitations of claim status and the relevant benefit rule with CTR for existing claims after 1st April 2013:

    If a customer moves from a standard claim onto IS, JSA(IB), ESA(IR) or PC(G) Academy is unable to cope with the changes for HB & CTR.  Even if you have your own working age CTR scheme it doesn't work for the Pension Age CTR.   As it doesn't let you apply the relevant benefit rule to HB from the day and CTR from the Monday following.

    For Example:

    Customer stops work on 24th April 2013 and is award JSA(IB) from 25th April 2013.

    As JSA(IB) is a relevant benefit for HB you can treat him as being in receipt of JSA(IB) from 25th April 2013

    For CTR (most schemes don't have the D&A regs so the relevant benefit rule doesn't apply) he stops work on 24th April and is awarded JSA(IB) from 25th April.  Although it is a multiple change of circumstance in the same week both will take effect from the Monday following which is the 29th April 2013.

    Academy will not let input JSA(IB) for HB from 25th April and for CTR from 29th April.  You only have the option to:

    1.change both HB& CTR from 25th April to JSA(IB) (wrong for CTR)


    2.input HB Monday following 25thApril and CTR from 25th April (which is wrong for CTR)


    3.Input both HB & CTR to JSA(IB) from Monday 29th April (wrong HB)

    there is no option to set HB from the day and CTR from the Monday following, even if you using the full efficiency version you don't have full control of the dates a customer moves onto the four main passported benefits like you do in the Household and Income screen.

    Even if you have a different working age CTR scheme to us your pension age scheme is the same, and it doesn't work even for when a customer moves to Pension Credit Guarantee (excluding continued payments rule, new claims) .

    We have raised this as an issue, Academy's response was: 

    send it as an enhancement request but as a  work around is to have separate claim numbers for HB & CTR.

    We still get subsidy on HB so we are not going to change the way we interpret the relevant benefit rule, as we are applying it the way the D&A regs govern it through risk of it being picked up at audit.  For CTR out policy is clear for changes in circumstances apply from the Monday following we have no option to follow this guidance.

    Has anyone else raised this as an issue?

    If not I would ask that you do as you may not have considered the impact this will have until it is fixed. 

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