HB Direct 61 + "Mini Rant 01/07" added value

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    Kevin D

    Just read this extract as reproduced on HBINFO:

    Now, maybe it’s just me, but these wonderful offerings in HB Direct seem to bear an ever increasing resemblance in style (because, let’s be honest, substance would cost extra) to the “Letter from the Vicar” in the “St Albion Parish News” column of Private Eye.

    If there is a connection between HB Direct and Private Eye, I think it is only right we should be told. See page 94 for more rants….


    Andy Simpson

    Does that make you Lord Gnome Kevin?


    I loved this bit :-

    “…We recently held a series of road shows to launch the new security performance measure, where you made a number of interesting suggestions on how claimants could be encouraged to report changes in their circumstances…” 😆

    Err, how about the return of Benefit periods and reviews? Seemed to work ok for many, many years…. 8)



    You’re not wrong actually, there is a worrying similarity between St Albion Parish News and HB Direct – I wonder if by any chance they could be related?

    The excruciatingly “upbeat” overuse of exclamation marks is particularly familiar, and I cannot help but wonder whether the jolly little cartoon pictures in the PDF version were provided by local artist Mr Nougerade (or whatever it is)…..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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