HB Direct – Universal Credit Edition.

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    A balanced and objective view of the wounderful benefits of Universal Credit


    Is that a “freudian” slip there Jeff? “Wounderful” as in it is going to cause all sorts of hurt?


    I’m actually quite angry about this waste of public money. I had expected an HB Direct devoted to UC to contain hard information about implementation, roles of LA’s and some answers to the long list of unanswered questions. What we got was just a load of propaganda that just about everyone working in HB has heard before.

    Who was this publication for and what purpose was it intended to achieve? I think HBINFO should ask!


    Ha – good point bulledi
    I suspect my subconscious rebelled at my posting such a blatantly false, if somewhat sarcastic, comment.
    (And I can’t spell anyway)



    i sent this to them after reading it as i was stunned that nothing was in there about pensioner claims. We need to be clear on what we are advising people is correct. Yet NOBODY seems to be able to tell us what we should be advising. It’s flaming well embarassing.

    The first page of HB Direct UC Special issue says the communication will “explain what Universal Credit will mean for claimants, Pension Credit age customers and all organisations involved in its delivery”.

    Unfortunately I don’t think it does explain what it means for Pension Credit age customers.

    Could someone please confirm if all CURRENT pension credit age HB claims will be migrated over to UC as pensioner claims and not be subject to HB under occupancy sanctions, even where there is a partner aged less than Pension Credit age?

    And could someone also please confirm that any NEW claims received after Oct 13, where there is a mixed age couple (i.e one pension credit age and one not) will be treated as a working age claim?”


    I did in fact send the comment from Andy to my contact at DWP. He makes a good point. I do think members should make their displeasure known about this “newsletter”. Meanwhile a member writes:

    “After listening to the address by Lord Freud during which he told us everything UC was “on time”, on-budget and generally “tickety boo”, I went up and asked him for a yes or no answer to the question of whether the natural migration of HB to UC would still be starting in October 2013? The answer was “absolutely not” followed by a comment that it would begin in April 2014. I suggested that perhaps someone should make an effort to tell the LA’s, particularly as we are being asked to project staffing numbers taking into account the subsequent reduction in caseload. He said they were “working on it!”

    Lee Fearon

    Has anyone told Eric?

    Mr Pickles is sure to have something to say about the use of publically funded publications to promote politically aims. After all, isn’t trying to stop LA’s using public funds to publish local newspapers on the grounds that the are little more than propaganda sheets for the majority party.

    I imagine he’ll be straight round to Caxton Hse to tear a strip or two off of IDS and Lord F…They must be be soiling their undergarments.

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