HB on Two Homes – Landlord dispute

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    We have a case where a LL gave his tenant notice on 22.1.10 to vavacte the flat by 25.3.10. CL did not vacate and lived in the proeprty and we paid HB direct to LL. On 22.8.10 CL phones to say he’s moved and claims HB elsewhere, leaving some belongings in previous property, so we end HB on 22.8.10 and award HB at new address. LL can’t re-let the property due to possessions and insists our CL was still living there after 22.8.10. He is insisting on a further 2 weeks HB. We have said why we ended HB and unable to award overlap as not unavoidable. I assume there is no notice period as tenancy already ended effectively in March. Is there anything we can do to help LL? Thanks in advance.

    Kevin D

    Strictly based on the info given, I agree with your analysis – 2-homes not payable. As an aside, assuming there is no overpayment, the LL doesn’t have the right of appeal.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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