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    Hello all.

    If an invoice was being clawed back at a rate of £9.15 per week and after speaking to the claimant they agreed you could deduct at £15.00 per week in order for the debt to be paid back quicker, would you put this up with immediate effect or would you ask for it in writing.

    Many thanks.


    I’d prefer this in writing, after all they could deny that they had agreed it and I don’t know how you’d prove you’d spoken to them. I assume you would put a note on your records but imagine the scenario

    OP recovery at £9.15 per week

    ****day. Tel call “Anywhere DC, good morning & how can I help you?”

    caller ” HB dept please” Call is transferred to HB

    Caller “You’re currently taking £9.15 of my HB to clear a debt of £xxx.xx. Could I repay it at £15.00 per week to clear it more quickly please?”

    HB staff ” Yes, of course. I’ll sort that out today”

    End of conversation. Recovery amended to £15.00 per week.

    Some time later

    Caller (after being put through to HB unit) ” You’ve been taking £15.00 from my payments for an OP and my landlord/ the housing officer has been demanding more rent from me. Why have you been doing this?”

    HB staff ” You asked us to increase the recovery rate on ****day so we agreed”

    Caller ” No I didn’t. That must have been someone masquerading as me. ([b:8a0b56460b]Masquerading is [i:8a0b56460b]my[/i:8a0b56460b] choice of word![/b:8a0b56460b]) I’m now heavily in arrears and likely to be evicted. can you reduce this please? If you don’t I will make a formal complaint”

    HB staff ” Yes we’ll put it back to £9.15 per week”

    My point is where is the evidence that the claimant requested the increase if it’s not in writing?

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................


    We’d just do it, having made a record of the contact.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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