hb sched 6 criminal injuries compensation awards

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    I thought I had read something that these payments were going to be disregarded capital but now I think I imagined it – has anyone else seen anything on how they are to be treated?



    Currently having a bit of a look – but isn’t this just a “payment made in consequence of any personal injury” which gets a couple of mentions in new sched 6?


    Having delved a bit I reckon its covered undr [url=https://hbinfo.org/menu2/hbregs06/schedule6_06.shtml][b:3edad0b19b]Para 14 of Sch 6 of new HB regs[/b:3edad0b19b][/url]. Only drawback is that the award must be paid into a trust fund. However, this is not difficult and is the best means to have the capital disregarded.

    [quote:3edad0b19b]14. Where the funds of a trust are derived from a payment made in consequence of any personal injury to the claimant, the value of the trust fund and the value of the right to receive any payment under that trust. [/quote:3edad0b19b]

    Specific answer given during questions in parliament:
    Don’t get sidetracked by the mention of October 2006 at the above link. This is either a typo or the date the rule becomes effective for IS and JSA(IB).

    Darren Broughton

    DWP Guidance Manual states that Criminal Injury Compensation Schemes are treated as Personal Injury Payments

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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